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Tower Tours, Church Tours and Teas – 23rd July 2016

Visitors on their way up the tower.
Visitors on their way up the tower.

The first of our two summer events this year was an open day at the church on 23rd July including tower tours, church tours and teas.

The tower tours, organised by committee member Lizzie Dumas, were an opportunity for local people to make use of the newly constructed tower access staircase paid for by The Friends.

Fifty-eight people of various ages made it to the top of the church tower on Saturday 23 July, which was a beautiful, clear and sunny day. All the slots were filled for the half hour tours which ran from 11am until 5pm and at the close of day people had to be turned away. More than half of the participants were day trippers to Mersea.

Downstairs Pat Kirby gave information about the church fabric, Cathy Roberts and some helpers served tea and cakes in the hall and Phil Passmore, representing the Mersea Photographic Society, exhibited pictures in the hall and showed a video of the tower.

There was no charge for the tours but just under £300 was raised from visitors’ voluntary donations. More Tower Tours are planned for the future.

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