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Medieval style chair

Dagobert Chair
Dagobert Chair

This picture is of a rather attractive medieval style chair in the Lady Chapel. The carved head on the back of the chair is shown enlarged below:

Dagobert Chair - detail
Dagobert Chair – detail

This type of chair, with its X form at the centre is named after King Dagobert I, a Frankish King who reigned from 603-639AD. A Dagobert chair is modelled on “The Throne of Dagobert”, which is in the Louvre, in Paris.


The version in the church has a fascinating loose bracelet of wood trapped on the arm. It cannot be removed and must have been carved when the chair was being made

It is thought the chair dates from some time in the nineteenth century, but its date is uncertain and nobody seems to know when it arrived in the church.

Picture and words from West Mersea Parish Magazine courtesy of Pat Kirby, Mersea Museum

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