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Mike Hatchard – Cycling from Land’s End to John O’groats with a piano!

MikeHatchardCyclingSome of you may remember the very entertaining concert the multi-talented Mike Hatchard put on for The Friends last October.

Well he is setting out on a typically eccentric fundraising adventure at the end of June for Children In Need and has asked us to spread the word, so I am reproducing his email below for anyone who is interested:

From: Mike Hatchard []
Subject: Cycling from Land’s End to John O’groats with a piano 10

Just a big thank you to all the people that have already contributed to Children in need for my forthcoming cycle/concert tour which, unbelievably, is in another five and a half weeks.

I’m busting a gut trying to get match fit for this, and I’m discovering the real power of Facebook. A few weeks ago I announced I was about to cycle forty five miles, teach for four hours, cycle another twenty and do a gig – a routine I more or less kept up for three days until I nearly collapsed of exhaustion. Without people from Facebook cheering me on I wouldn’t have made it. To stand a chance of doing the real thing this summer I can see I’m going to have to call on all my friends to tell me I can do it. And if anybody doesn’t think they’re able to do that, trust me, you can! I believe in you. You absolutely can!

I’m still looking for extra help along the way – particularly with accommodation. I’ve got a team of great people who have volunteered to drive the support vehicle but I possibly need a few more. Although I’ve probably got enough concerts lined up, I’ve still got gaps especially for the first week in August when I could do with some more dates in the Lake District or Borders. I’ve also found it impossible to get any gigs in the Highlands, although perhaps by that point I’ll just want to cycle straight on to John O’Groats.

Many aspects of this trip are proving quite expensive, so just clicking like on the Facebook page is appreciated – the higher a social media profile I have the easier it will be to get some sponsorship. Here’s the link:-

A trailer is being made for me but I don’t have it yet, and I’m hoping to make a video later this week – if anybody local to Hastings has a cycle trailer they could lend me for a day I’d really appreciate it.

The biggest challenge of my life at the moment is the fact that exercising hard is tiring me out, and there is so much to do. Any help at all is appreciated. I’m planning to make an album over the next few weeks to accompany the tour (hoping to use crowd funding for this) and some of the best musicians known to me have agreed to play on it including Liane Carroll, Liam Genocky, Bobby Worth and Paul Kimber.

So to recap, if you can help with accommodation or are prepared to drive (it doesn’t have to involve a lot of driving, just picking up some equipment from the previous driver and taking it to the next gig, preferably mucking in a bit) or have any useful media contacts then I’d be more than pleased to hear from you. Essentially it’s along the South Coast from 29th June to 16th of July, then in a more or less straight line from Twickenham to Liverpool from the 18th to the 28th of July and a straight line from the Lake District to Edinburgh in the first week of August. I shall be writing a book about the whole adventure, so be warned you might find yourself in it…

Again, thank you. I’m finding the whole thing very moving. Here’s the link to the just giving page, and please note a hundred percent goes to Children in Need.

You can read the review of Mike’s concert for The Friends here:

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