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Work starts on tower improvements

After some delays arising from the numerous discussions necessary to gain approvals from all the relevant bodies, work was eventually started at the end of October 2015 on replacing the roof access ladder in the bell-tower.

The existing tower access ladder, although still structurally sound, is now considered to fall short of current safety standards. It is nearly 17ft high and exceptionally steep (72°) with no handrail (see pictures above) Quite terrifying and totally unsuitable for public access.

The new proposal is for a new “L” shaped wooden staircase at 54° with intermediate and top landing and 900mm balustrade. This would allow for safe public access and provide an opportunity for public tower tours to raise additional funds.

See ‘Current Projects’ for more details.

The work is expected to cost between £13k-£15k and the Friends have agreed to meet the full cost of the work.

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