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A Brief History of the Church

Our Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul is the most ancient and arguably the most interesting building in West Mersea. The Church has been at the centre of the community since the 7th Century when the first building was constructed for worship.

Peter Duerden November 2015 (updated January 2018)

Peter Duerden, a former committee member of the Friends put together a history of the church.  Whilst not a historian, Peter's brilliant bringing together of information available in the church itself and Mersea Museum gives a great account of the church's story through the centuries.

He credits the paper by T.B. Millat, “The Parish Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, West Mersea. A Brief History”, copies of which are available in the Church (20p).  For anyone who is interested in finding out more the Museum holds a wealth of information and images related to the church. Their website is available here:  He was assisted by Pat Kirby of Mersea Museum who gave advice and also for the stories in the Objects and Curiosities section on this site most of which were originally published in the Church’s Newsletter, copies of which may be viewed on the Church’s own website at

Some of the pictures of the church are reproduced by kind permission of Simon Knott from his website

Some new information about the Church’s history and archaeology came to light in November 2017 with the discovery by the rector of an article by church archaeologist Daniel Secker. The article which was based on his extensive study of West Mersea Parish Church is referred to in the following post and contains a link to the complete work:


Below is some information of the church throughout the centuries.  Click here to see some of the object and curiosities you can find in the church.

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