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Churchyard tidy up - 26th November 2022

Alan Hammond - 27th November 2022

Many thanks to those who turned up this (Sat 26) morning under blue skies, and I'm pleased to say most of the tasks listed were completed and to a good standard (as ever!).

Particular thanks go to Steven Gaunt and Edward Turkington who managed to re-lay one of the Hall patio slabs that had been causing some concern to the "Sparrows" group (there was a rogue tree root causing the slab to lift).

Thanks also to the WMTC grounds team for dropping off the large sacks and arranging their collection next week - truly very helpful.

The list of jobs completed:-

West and North side (Coast Road and memorial Green side):

  1. Reduce height/ width of bush(es) at main church pathway entrance

  2. Prune and tidy growth in bed next Coast Road (opposite Art Café/ White Hart)

  3. Uncover and “promote” the boundary stones for Garden of Remembrance.

  4. Clean main pathway lights and remove obscuring plant growth (inc ‘sensors’)

  5. Remove Acanthus plants round graves either side of main pathway

  6. Remove ivy growth from WITHIN the yew bushes of main pathway.

  7. Trim back any new tree growth near tower for floodlighting effectiveness.

  8. Weeding/ trimming/ edging main church pathway inc. ground cover and ‘non-Yew’ bushes.

  9. Weed/ clear graves in central front area.

  10. Remove existing ‘piles/ sticks’ in Garden of Remembrance (WMTC to trim lime trees & bushes)

  11. Trim the Fuchsia bush next the oil tank.

  12. Trim edges of Garden of Remembrance entrance rose-beds

  13. Remove branches from Memorial Green (as good neighbours!)

East and South side (opposite Hall Barn):

  1. Remove remaining climbing growth from within east hedge next children’s/ Sparrow’s play area

  2. Trim plants back tidily round the ‘Pierrepoint’ gravestone

  3. Trim back all/ extensive unwanted long bits over and at base for the whole length of South Wall (including the ivy and fig tree behind the church hall).

  4. Clean hall pathway lights

  5. Tidy under the East (Chancel) window – trim Bay plants and remove weeds

  6. Clean around & under the “Searle” bench

  7. ‘Edge’ the Hall path as necessary to maintain full width


  1. Leaves and broken/ fallen branch collection (especially boundary walls, paths, flower beds).

  2. Clear gutters, hoppers and roof voids around church and hall (ladder, gloves, rake?)

  3. Clear drain covers/ filters and ensure free flow of drains

  4. Remove dirt/ seeds from tower roof gullies.

  5. Clear unwanted growth from oyster shell area outside Hall entrance

  6. Clean notice board’s – road-facing notice boards – (a damp cloth + stiff hand brush should do the trick)

  7. Clean floodlight lens within protected cages (special ‘tool’ available for this)

  8. Weed killing around ‘footprint’ of church building (weather permitting)

  9. Wipe/ clean seats & concrete edging facing Garden of Remembrance.

  10. Edge cutting/ tidy of beds in Garden of Remembrance.

  11. Re-set the raised Hall patio slab (potential H&S as per day book)

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